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At Revoque we really want to create a tribe of MAMA's that support and encourage each other. So here we have our first content written by myself (Danica - Director) to inspire you to create easy looks for Mama's on the go. As a busy Mama myself I know my hair gets about 2.3 seconds given my time is limited and eyebrows always get priority. Always!

So, considering I don't even get a chance to check my hair in the mirror most of the time, I've compiled a list of foolproof hairstyles that you won't even need to glance at but still getting that chic tousled look- how french!

For the next few weeks we are gifting a gold circle hair clip as our special gift to you. Not sure how to use it, don't worry we have you covered. These styles will have you from daycare to date with no fuss and a classic look, we've also thrown in a few easy looks without clips. I know most of these are classic styles that are familiar however I know how easy it is to fall into the messy pony/ bun look and completely forget about our trusty looks.


Look 1- simple half up.

picture source: asos.com.au

The easy half up, this simple quick style will give you .3 seconds to spare a day! Let's face it any second is precious time for us. This look is completely transformed using the clip and glams up a simple look. PLUS, you won't need to spend most of the morning looking for a hair tie! Win - win.


Look 2 - Side part

picture source: donnalovehair.com

This look requires even less time and still gives a chic look. Simply side part your hair and slide in the trusty clip. Voila! Effortless style. Bonus points for tousled bed hair, adds to the look.


Look 3-  Bun clip

picture source: polyvore.com.au

Can't move past the messy bun look, don't worry, you can glam it up by adding your clip to create a perfect holiday look.


Look 4 - Pony clip


picture source: urbanoutfitter.com


If you're lucky enough to have long hair and it's thin, well good on you! You can create this look by simply pulling your hair through the clip over your entire pony for a low french style look.


Look 5- Bow- utiful!

picture source: heidimerrick


Don't have a clip, don't worry we have you covered with this classic look. Simply get a beautiful thick velvet black ribbon to dress up a flat looking lonely pony. If you can't get your hands on a piece of ribbon, rummage through your kids rooms to find an alternative piece of fabric. - guarantee you will find something left over from a gift that will work just as fine! Or otherwise a little trick of mine is the ribbon inside garments to hang- sometimes they aren't needed at all like in t-shirts- just cut them off and you're good to go!


Look 6 - French Twist

picture source: twistmepretty.com

For those days when you can't find anything to add in your hair, simply resort to the french icon. The french twist is a simple hair style created by twisting your low pony upwards and tucking in, secure with pins and you're on your way. Easy and chic- only attempt if you have a solid supply of pins, otherwise this can result in parenting with one hand for a lengthy period of time - not recommended by revoque- it can get tiresome quickly.


Look 7 - Half French Twist

picture source: therighthairstyles.com


If you're hair is super thick like mine, most hairstyles are a challenge. This classic look is easy to create with leaving half your hair down, it still creates a romantic look but without the headache during the day with using 45,0000,894 pins. 


Look 8- Double Bun

picture source: therighthairstyles.com

For the last look we have, if you are still persistent on using your messy bun- good on you! We love strong independent women. However why not create a more chic look by adding two buns instead of one. It creates a similar french twist look but with the ease of buns. This look is best created with pins- another one for us thick hair girls to be prepared. 


Remember these looks are great to create for day use and will easily translate to evening for your revoque designs.


Good luck ladies.

If you have any designs yourself that you would love to share please do.

Thanks and have a great week!




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