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Zoe is the perfect pencil in this sumptuous midnight blue colour.

Inspired by Zoe George, The Subtle Mummy. This design evokes glamour and sophistication.

Revoque designs are tailored to accommodate a more curvy figure by increasing the hip measurements to be a size up. The emphasis on the curves draws the eye to the waist creating a stunning hourglass silhouette. The careful tailoring of the panels on this dress adds length to the design and creates a finished longer shape.This design features gorgeous open petal sleeves and low hidden pockets. 

This piece is available in MIDNIGHT BLUE with a small run in TANZANITE.

Note: This dress currently is available in sizes 8-16, larger sizes will be available in our August delivery.


Main Fabric:

52% Cotton/ 45% Brocade/  3% Spandex

Lining Fabric:

100% Polyester

Trim Fabric:

100% Polyester


NOTE: Delivery will be available from 16th JULY, subject to delivery times.